Last Updated
18 March, 2005

Engine Harness

When I rebuilt my motor, I decided to catalog the connectors on the engine harness as I disassembled it into the minimal pieces necessary to work with the TEC≥. I also tried to get the wires into the shots, showing their colors. I figured it might be of use to me later, and it might be of use to others.

There are 36 connectors, and I retained only about 8 of the OEM pieces.


15-Pin Harness Connector 16-Pin ECU Connector 18-Pin Fuse Box Connector
  26-Pin ECU Connector 8-Pin Fuse Box Connector AC Clutch Connector
  AFM Connector Alternator Connector Backup Light Switch Connector  
  Cold Start Injector Connector Cold Start Time Switch Connector Distributor Connector  
  EFI Resistor Connector EGR Sensor Connector Engine Hood Switch Connector  
  Fuel Injector No. 1 Connector Fuel Injector No. 2 Connector Fuel Injector No. 3 Connector  
  Fuel Injector No. 4 Connector IACV Connector Intercooler Fan ECU Connector  
  Igniter Connector Knock Sensor Connector MAP Sensor Connector  
  Noise Filter Connector O2 Sensor Connector Oil Level Sensor Connector  
  Oil Pressure Switch Connector Speed Sensor Connector Starter Connectors  
  Starter Relay Connector TPS Connector VSV for EGR Connector  
  VSV For Idle-Up Valve Connector Turbo VSV Connector Water Temp Sensor Connector