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Installing a
SPAL Intercooler Fan

While the circuit diagram I drew up in Visio helped me to visualize how the components worked, I need a wiring guide to keep all the wires sorted out, to show where I would install the modular connectors, etc. As you'll recall, I was doing this as part of a larger project, and there were wires everywhere.

So, I took the circuit diagram and modified it to create a practical wiring diagram. If you click the image below, you can get the full-size PDF version of the drawing.


I removed the temperature sensor for the stock IC fan, which is located in the engine lid:
Fan Temp Sensor 01.JPG (55622 bytes)
I just clipped the leads as close as possible where they entered the wiring harness.
The stock fan circuit has its own ECU, located in the rear luggage compartment, next to the main ECU:
SPAL-1556.JPG (86665 bytes)
I unplugged the wiring harness connector, wrapped it in plastic, and zip-tied it to keep it protected:
SPAL-1558.JPG (60836 bytes)
I then removed the ECU from its mounting.
I attached the relay to one of the auxiliary fuse panel's mounting screws, and wired the leads into fuse box two circuits: one "hot" (ignition off) and one switched (ignition on). Each circuit is rated at 20 amps.

I wrapped the leads for the fan in some woven cable sleeving, then ran them across the engine compartment to the fan:
New Wiring Finished.JPG (93842 bytes)

For added protection, I installed a section of ribbed cable sleeving like the stock setup used:
SPAL-2509.JPG (142621 bytes)
The wiring for the switch had already been routed through the tunnel to underneath the dash. I connected the wires using female spade connectors which matched the male connectors on the switch. I don't have a photo of the actual connections, but it's very straightforward.
That's all there was to it. The fan works exactly as I had planned, and adding the engine lid fan will simply be a matter of connecting the fan's leads to the existing circuit.

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Dave Martin
1993 MR2 Turbo