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GReddy Intercooler Installation

At this stage, if your only goal was to replace the IC and fan, you can begin reinstalling the intake pipe and intercooler hoses. My project ran a slightly different course, but I will describe the last few steps of the IC installation.
Replace the stock intake pipe bracket and pipe. I used stainless steel bolts in place of the stock bolts, and I'd painted the rusted bracket in the meantime.
Painted Intake Bracket-01.JPG (57545 bytes)
My overall satisfaction with the GReddy kit was tempered by the hose/pipe components. My first complaint is that the pipes are a bit too long, which means the connecting hoses have almost no internal clearance between the two ends of each pipe being joined. 

The connecting hoses seemed to be a bit undersized in diameter, which made me feel as if I was stretching the hose over a too-large pipe. In addition, the lengths of hose are very short, which means the clamps have very little hose to work with, especially when using the wider T-Bolt clamps. A wider clamp is generally desirable, but not in this case.

To make matters worse, the instructions are very unclear about which hoses go to which pipes. The diagrams are difficult to read, and the text is vague. They probably should have simply left the instructions off entirely with a simple message, "Figure it out on your own", since that's what it comes  down to.

OK, enough ranting.

The larger of the two aluminum elbow pipes (90) attaches to the stock intake pipe with one of the two "adapter" hoses, e.g., a hose with different diameters on each end:
New Intake Elbow-02.JPG (81474 bytes)
The long "S" pipe attaches to the other end of the 90 elbow with one of the six short lengths of silicone hose.
I incorrectly attached the other end of the "S" pipe to the lower intercooler pipe with the other adapter hose. It seemed to fit correctly that way:
Lower IC Hose-01.JPG (76858 bytes)
I should have guessed that if it seems to fit correctly, I must have done something wrong!
Once the lower hose was secured (I thought!), I used two more hose sections to attach the smaller elbow to the upper IC outlet and the upper pipe (the one with the two fuel-injector bungs) to the elbow:
IC Upper Elbow-01.JPG (57440 bytes)
The other end of the upper pipe connect to the throttle body inlet. Here's where I realized I'd attached the wrong piece of adapter hose on the lower IC inlet.

Instead of removing the lower inlet hose, I instead cut off about 1" of one of the hose sections in the GReddy kit. I then fit a section of silicone turbo hose I had laying around over top of that hose and secured it:
TB Hose Connection-01.JPG (60349 bytes)
This solved two problems: it eliminated the need to remove the lower hose on the IC inlet, and it enabled me to install a long enough section of hose to securely tighten the T-Bolt clamp. However, I don't recommend this as a "solution".

GReddy includes some heat heat-resistant cloth, but their instructions on which pipe it should be wrapped around are confusing. I chose to leave it off entirely, since the stock pipes did not see fit to use it.
Reinstall the strut braces. This is one area where the BGB lists incorrect torque settings in at least one are of the book. I "think" a reasonable setting is 45 ft. lbs., but in one location the BGB asks you to crank this little 14mm nut to 59 ft. lbs. The front strut bolts call for 36 ft. lbs., so I think anything around 40 ft. lbs. is more than adequate.
If you have used the stock fan temperature sensor and power circuit, your installation is finished, save for testing the installation. In my case, that lower hose I had installed in error was not tightened down properly, and blew off as I was accelerating down a freeway ramp, leaving me along the roadside tightening a difficult-to-reach clamp on a hot engine. But it wasn't too bad, and I got it working. I immediately re-tightened all of the turbo hoses.

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Dave Martin
1993 MR2 Turbo